Examples of experience with CI service

As an adoptee, Diana always felt she was missing a piece of herself. She had searched for birth relatives unsuccessfully for several years before learning about the CI program. Her birth father had died, but the CI located Diana’s birth mother. She provided detailed family information and exchanged letters with Diana for several months through the CI. After getting acquainted through the letters, they decided to have direct contact. Diana also learned that she had three siblings and now has contact with them as well. “Filling in missing medical information is nothing,” she says, “compared to knowing where I come from, where I got my personality traits, and finally seeing who I look like!”

Helen thought every day about the birth son she had placed for adoption. She wanted to find him and tell him about his background. But she did not know how to do it or even if it was the right thing to do. He might not know that he was adopted or want to hear from her. But the CI program was so careful and confidential that she felt comfortable using it. Her son was located, and after exchanging a couple of letters, direct contact was established. Helen not only has a connection with her son, but with grandchildren as well. “He was loved and I am very thankful to his adoptive parents,” she says. “They raised him well.”

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