Search Evaluation


1. Name (optional)
2. What email address do you want us to use to respond to you?
3. Do you want a member of our staff to call you?  If so, please include your phone number(s).
4. Did you receive the copy of your Original Birth Certificate from the Illinois Department of Public Health?  If you received it in some other way, please explain.
5. Were you adopted in Illinois?  If so, where was the adoption legally completed and in what year?
6. Are you trying to locate a birth relative?  If so, what relative do you want to find?  (Example: birth parent, birth brother or sister, birth grandparent)
7. If you want to find your birth mother, was her full name on the OBC you received?  In what state was she born?
8. If you want to locate your birth father, was his full name on the OBC you received?  In what state was he born?
9. Are you interested in finding brothers or sisters?  Does the OBC you received indicate that there were children born to your mother before you were born?
10. Do you know whether there was an adoption agency involved in your placement?  If so, what is that name of the agency?
11. Some people consider using the CI program after they have found one birth relative but want to locate a different relative.  Is that your situation?  If so, who have you located and who would you like to find?
12. If you have been searching on your own and have run into a “brick wall”, please explain briefly.  Because of the court order, the information a CI can get can make a big difference.
13. How did you find out about the CI program?
14. Do you have a specific question or concern about how the CI program might work for you?
15. If you would like program information including filing forms sent to you, please give us your mailing address.

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