Illinois Adoption Registry

Illinois law requires that you register with the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange before submitting a petition requesting the appointment of a Confidential Intermediary.

While this may seem like just more paperwork or a roadblock, it is an important first step in the search process. Your birth relative may have already registered. If s/he has registered that no contact is desired, your CI cannot make an outreach to her/him. However, it is equally possible that the relative you are seeking has registered in the hopes of having contact with you, making a 'search' unnecessary. In that case, the Registry will exchange the identifying information so that you can make direct contact with the person you are looking for. It is also possible that the Registry may have received authorization from your birth relative to forward an anonymous letter and photos, medical information, or the original birth record of the adopted person.

If you have already registered
After you registered, you received a letter from the Registry confirming your name had been added to the Registry. You must attach a copy of that letter to your petition. If you cannot find the letter, you may request a copy of the letter by calling the Registry at 877/323-5299 (toll-free in Illinois) or 217/557-5159.

If you have not yet registered
Illinois Adoption Registry forms can be obtained by calling the Registry at 877/323-5299 (toll-free in Illinois) or 217/557-5159. The forms can also be found on-line at

Be sure to read the forms and instructions carefully and print or write clearly. The Registry will return your form if it is not completed correctly. If you have questions about the form, call the Registry. Here is some additional information to help you complete the forms:

  • On the “Information Exchange Authorization” form, circle the relative(s) you hope to contact.
  • If you fill out the Medical Information Exchange Questionnaire, you will not have to pay the $40.00 filing fee. Check the “yes” box beside any medical condition, which is in your family. Otherwise, check “no”.
  • You may include a written statement (a short letter) on the page titled “Optional written statement”. You may also leave this blank.
  • Be sure to sign the forms correctly. There are two separate places the forms must be signed by you. Sign the forms in front of a Notary Public. He or she must also sign and stamp the form.
  • You must also attach a copy of your current driver’s license or state ID card. Often the Notary will be able to make a copy of your license or ID card for you.
Send the Registry forms to the Department of Public Health at the address on the form.

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