Checklist for Obtaining a Confidential Intermediary

Print this checklist to use as a guide to the steps necessary to have a Confidential Intermediary (CI) appointed by the Court. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about any part of the process. Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois (CISI) staff is available to help you by telephone (847-298-9096, ext 29), by e-mail or in the office by appointment.

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1. Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (Registry) Registration Date Completed
Obtain Registry application.
Forms can be obtained on the Registry website at: or calling 877-323-5299 (toll free) or 217-557-5159. You may also call our office and we will send the Registry forms to you.
Complete Registry application.
If you have questions about how to complete the forms, call the Registry at 877-323-5299 (toll free) or 217-557-5159. You may also call our office for assistance.

Mail Registry application.
Registry forms should be mailed to:
925 E. Ridgely Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702-2737
If you have not received your verification letter from the Registry within 6-8 weeks of mailing your forms to them, call the Registry at 877-323-5299 (toll free) or 217-557-5159.  
Make sure that the letter you receive from the Registry says that you are fully registered and that there was “no match” found.  If there was a “match” please contact CISI for further instruction.  Make a copy of the letter you receive.  You must send a copy to the Court along with your petition to have a CI appointed.  
2. Complete the legal forms to send to the Court requesting appointment of a CI.  
Legal forms may be obtained on this website or from the CISI office. If you are filing in Cook County, you must use special forms and instructions. You can find them on-line at Call our office at 847-298-9096, ext. 29 if you want us to send the forms to you.  
Complete the legal forms.  If you have questions about how to complete the forms, call the CISI office.  We are glad to help.  
3. Mail or deliver completed legal forms to the Court.  
Mail your completed forms directly to the Court. If you need a specific Court address, please contact the CISI office:
 Petition for the Appointment of a Confidential Intermediary
 Order for Appointment of a Confidential Intermediary
 Copy of the letter from the Registry stating that you are registered
 Cover letter (click here for sample cover letter)
 Copy of your photo identification
 Request to be absent from hearing, if applicable.

After the Court appoints a Confidential Intermediary for you, you might receive notification directly from the Court. However, the Court will usually send information about the appointment directly to CISI. Within two weeks of when the case is received from the Court, CISI will send you more information about the process along with a service contract. If you have not heard from CISI within 8 weeks of when you submitted the petition forms to the Court, please call us. We will attempt to help you determine the reason for the delay.

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