About the CIs

Each certified Confidential Intermediary (CI) is an employee of Midwest Adoption Center who has completed in-depth training and passed an examination before being certified to serve as a CI through this program. In order to maintain certification, the Intermediaries attend on-going update training sessions throughout the year. All CIs are adoption professionals who share a commitment to providing effective service in this most important program.

After the court grants a petition, the appointed Intermediary is given access to information concerning the adoption including the sealed court files, agency adoption files and vital records. Private investigators or private adoption searchers cannot legally access these records.

Using this information, the CI conducts the search for the sought after relative, informs him or her of the reason for the outreach, and facilitates communication as necessary to allow both parties to make a decision as to how to proceed. As the connector between these two parties, the CI must be sensitive and attentive to the needs and desires of each while protecting each person’s privacy and confidentiality.



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